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Cine Poster Gallery: Vintage movie posters for sale featuring Godard, Kurosawa, Bergman, Hitchcock, Wong Kar_Wai and more.

Cine Poster Gallery is dedicated to the art and advertising of some of the greatest films in the history of cinema. Here you will find authentic, vintage movie posters for sale from the works of masters like Godard, Kurosawa, Antonioni and Hitchcock, as well as special sections dedicated to other exciting areas in the world of filmmaking.

Cine Poster Gallery is by no means a comprehensive selection. Instead, it is a carefully chosen assembly of the filmmakers and posters we deem to be examples of the very best. 

Although we carry exceptional posters from many countries, many of those in our gallery are from Japan. You’ll quickly notice how dynamic and exciting most posters from Japan are compared to their American and European counterparts. Several of them are stunning examples of brilliant graphic design. Most are unique to the Japanese market.

Our vintage movie posters for sale are NOT digital reprints but authentic, original posters, most originating from decades earlier. However, it should be noted that some may be from the rerelease of these classic films, not their original release dates.


We have a quickly growing collection of “B2″ posters obtained directly from Japan. They measure 19.7 x 27.8 inches (50 cm x 70.7 cm). We get these directly from auction sites and collectors in Japan and then have them shipped to us in groups.

In addition, we carry a fantastic collection of smaller posters known as CHIRASHI. These are small (7″x 10″/18 cm x 26 cm) or “B5” size movie posters once common in Japan as a way of promoting upcoming releases. Like many things since the age of the internet, they have become increasingly rare and are climbing in value. However, currently, they are still very affordable compared to the several hundred, or even several thousand dollar, prices of larger posters.

The original versions, like ours, are almost always double-sided. Many of them have exactly the same art as their larger B2 siblings. In several cases we have both the small B5 and larger B2 versions in stock. Unless otherwise noted, all are in very good to mint condition.


Please check this page often to see the latest batch to arrive or, better yet, sign up for our newsletter. This is just a small sample of the posters for sale in our gallery. Advance to the MAIN HALL to view it in full.

Thank you for looking. And please remember that Cine Poster is called a gallery for a reason. It’s a place that you can casually browse and poke around in. A place that will remind you of great films and how much you love them. A place for those that love cinema.

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CINE POSTER GALLERY: Vintage Movie Posters For Sale.

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