CINEPOSTER photograph by William Klein

As mentioned on the ABOUT PAGE, this site is an extension of a my personal interest in movies and movie posters. The goal is to make it a fun, rewarding experience for all involved. So, with that in mind, please email me any questions whether they be about a particular poster, an order, or any of the other content on this site. The same goes for requests to hunt for particular posters or recommendations on how to display any purchased items.

In addition, if you have high-quality posters or movie collectables to sell, please don’t hesitate. However, be warned, I only buy items I am personally interested in and at rates far below regular gallery or retail cost.

Lastly, the photograph at the top of the page is by photographer William Klein, titled CINEPOSTER. Although this site was not named after it, it seemed like an omen that things were meant to be. Klein has long been one of my favorite photographers. He also directed some very odd but visually captivating movies like WHO ARE YOU POLLY MAGGOO? As with many things I am interested in, I have already managed to write a blog article on him expressing my admiration. If you’re interested, you can read more about Klein, here.

Thank you and take care. May your movie memories be magical and your poster browsing be fun.

Kevin Leicinger

CINE POSTER GALLERY: Vintage Movie Posters for Sale.


CINE POSTER GALLERY: Vintage Movie Posters For Sale