CINE POSTER GALLERY: Vintage Movie Posters for sale.
LE JETEE chriashi

Cine Poster Gallery grew out of my own love of movies. It’s one of those things I’ve done because I wanted to, not because it made any real sense. My hope is that with the occasional sale here and there I can continue to fund my own ever-growing chirashi and poster collection.

I started collecting chirashi about three years ago. I started small, only ordering a few at a time. However, between that and my reawakening to the joy of Godzilla movies, I quickly amassed a small collection of Kaiju posters which now have a place of honor on “The Godzilla Wall” of my studio apartment in Los Angeles.

Of course, along the way, I also bought the random poster for other movies. Some I bought just because I loved the way they looked. However, many others were direct shots to the heart for my love of old art films, seventies sci-fi, crime films and other genres. These personal interests are very much reflected in the stock I carry for Cine Poster Gallery. I look at it this way, if nobody buys a single thing, I will at least have a much better collection than I did before.

My interest in film goes back a long way. I went to film school for undergrad film at NYU and grad school at the American Film Institute. I had a short but interesting run but ultimately left film to go into advertising and then left that to write some books and do whatever seemed interesting and paid the bills.

I currently write for several blogs including Ranker, Vinyl Writers, and my own site www.shadowswriter.com. The blog articles for Cine Poster Gallery are taken often taken from that site. If you like what you read here, please check it out.

My personal poster collection is on display in a multitude of ways. I have frames, including several type of B5 chirashi frames. I also have several metal boards and use magnets to display chirashi and smaller-sized items. Many of my chirashi are kept in folders and files and only come out when I want to rotate what I have up. There is no one way to display art. Whatever works for you. That goes for subject matter as well, of course.

One last point, you might be able to find a few of the things for sale on this site cheaper elsewhere IF you can find them. So, if money is super-tight, maybe you’ll hit the motherlode and find what you wanted at a bargain price somewhere else. I hope not, of course. I hope you’re happy to be poking around Cine Poster Gallery and able to support it. But if not, I understand.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestion regarding this site, movies, or anything else. In the meantime, thanks for looking. enjoy some movies and may your visit prove rewarding.

Thanks again,

Kevin Leicinger



CINE POSTER GALLERY: Vintage Movie Posters for Sale.